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Tax Nomads: the evolution of Digital Nomads


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The origin of the Digital Nomad

Not long ago, offices were like glass cages and work routines were chains that limited imagination and exploration.

But then came a revolutionary change in the world of work: digital nomads.

The idea of working from a cafe in Bali or a quiet corner in Thailand seemed like an unattainable dream. However, this dream became a new reality for many.

Digital nomads were pioneers in an era where technology became the passport to work freedom, taking their skills anywhere with Wi-Fi connection.

Currently, it’s estimated that there are over 35 million digital nomads worldwide. And this number could be even higher if we count those who have the potential but haven’t yet taken the leap.

In fact, projections suggest there could be one billion people capable of being digital nomads by 2035. This is easily explained as more location-based jobs require less manpower, paving the way for an increase in telecommuting professions.

For now, the nomad community is stronger than ever, with platforms like NomadList where these traveling professionals share information about each destination.

Tax Nomads: The R-Evolution

Despite the enormous relevance of Digital Nomadism, underneath it lies a social and labor movement that goes far beyond ‘working while traveling’.

Alongside these new forms of work that have liberated geographic mobility in the labor market…

They have also awakened a new desire!

The search for a better place to start our businesses.

This is how Tax Nomads are born.

Professionals, online business owners, and individuals capable of generating income without being tied to any one country have decided to put a stop to state abuses and regain control over their taxation.

Tax Nomadism gives its name to a movement that champions the ability and right to choose what is ours.

It arises as a solution to a global problem: increasing taxes, endless fiscal pressure, and a sense of powerlessness against a system that does not represent many.

Differences between Tax Nomad and Digital Nomad

We’re not the same, but we’re not rivals either. Tax Nomads can also be Digital Nomads, and vice versa!

The term ‘Nomad‘ can be confusing and might imply constant travel, as it’s the classic idea we have of digital nomads.

However, being a Tax Nomad doesn’t require you to travel extensively or minimally.

What truly matters is the intent to stop paying abusive taxes in your current country.

Whether you prefer to settle quietly in a new country or constantly live a traveling lifestyle… it’s your choice!

Being a Tax Nomad is 100% legal

Changing your tax residency, opening a company abroad, and deciding where to pay your taxes are fundamental rights of every individual.

Although some would prefer it otherwise, being a Tax Nomad does not involve any illegality.

On the contrary! Tax Nomads strictly adhere to the rules of their country of origin and destination.

Moreover, a Tax Nomad does not ‘flee’ or ‘hide’ from any authority or government.

Tax Nomads unequivocally turn their backs on countries that mistreat them, while embracing those that welcome them with open arms.

Remember: If they get angry, it’s because they live off your money. They need you; you don’t need anyone.

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