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Hello! I’m Kike Guillén, founder of Tax Nomads.

My story is that of another entrepreneur tired of the situation in his home country.

As an economist and graduate in Business Administration: I had a clear passion for the business world from a young age.

After completing my studies and several years in my professional career, I came to two strong conclusions about the educational and labor system in my country:

  1. They are educating us to be dependent. Obedience and uniform thinking are rewarded.
  2. There are no incentives for entrepreneurship. On the contrary, entrepreneurs and the private sector are subjected to relentless persecution.

In fact, I was starting to accept and normalize that “this is how things work”…

But everything changed when, together with my partner, I took the step to offer my services online and leave Spain for the first time.

The change in mindset begins by firsthand understanding how people think and operate in other countries, as well as the countless opportunities that arise from breaking boundaries.

This experience also fills you with a sense of freedom, capability, and independence. At the same time, you start surrounding yourself with a new empowering environment composed of individuals who share your characteristics and goals.

I realized that beyond having the ability to generate income while traveling, we have the capacity to choose how we live, start businesses, and invest, and under what rules.

I continued my specialization in international taxation not only in theory but by seeking and applying options for our own businesses: tax residencies, perpetual tourist strategy, offshore banking, Estonia, LLC…

This mindset, coupled with a passion for sharing it with the world, gave rise to Tax Nomads.

  • A team of experts

    We create a lot of content... but we're not internet gurus! Our advisors and collaborators are qualified lawyers, economists, and accountants. Furthermore, we are real experts because we operate from experience.

  • A team of individuals

    Above all, we are entrepreneurs just like you. That's why we speak your language; we don't aim to impress you with technical words, and our advice always prioritizes making sure you feel comfortable with the choices you make.

  • A borderless team

    Since our foundation, we've been clear that we wouldn't be a traditional firm that only recommends options it's interested in selling. We aimed to make the world your playground in terms of tax, corporate, immigration, and banking matters. That's why we've designed a global network of partners that allows us to select your best solution.

Meet the Tax Nomads

Tax nomads are individuals who are not bound to reside in any one country obligatorily and permanently.

Therefore, in response to state abuses, they decide to take action to pay much less taxes, increase their freedom, and independence by:

  • Changing their tax residency.
  • Operating their businesses through foreign companies.
  • Applying international tax and wealth planning.
  • Obtaining visas and citizenships.

The most common profiles include:

  • Digital Nomads / Remote Workers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-employed / Freelancers
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Investors
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs)
  • Executives
  • Pensioners and retirees

Those with greater geographic mobility, delegable or online businesses, or substantial profits will have more opportunities and tools at their disposal.

Tax nomadism arises as the only solution to a problem affecting nearly every corner of the planet:

Endless tax hikes, increasing fiscal pressure with no ceiling.

Politicians have found in the “Welfare State” the perfect excuse to make citizens pay MORE TAXES each year.

In just over 50 years, some countries have TRIPLED the tax burden on their population.

To everyone’s (ironic) surprise, this tax increase has coincided with increased waste, corruption, public debt, and persecution of the private sector.

Historically, the frustration and discontent of those footing the bill had no outlet other than resignation.

But that’s over now.

The explosion of e-commerce, online media, and digital professions, coupled with easier transportation and widespread use of English, has sparked a labor and social revolution that puts a stop to those living off others’ money.

Tax nomads represent a watershed moment in the power of states to control people’s lives:

Countries offering favorable conditions to their citizens will attract all that talent and resources, while those continuing to parasitize their own will sink as people flee their tyranny.

Although they may sound similar, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

A Digital Nomad doesn’t necessarily have to be a Tax Nomad, just as a Tax Nomad doesn’t have to be a Digital Nomad.

First, with the expansion of technologies and online businesses, the concept of the “Digital Nomad” became well-known. It was embraced by those who loved to travel and saw the opportunity to “tour” while working.

Digital Nomads are generally understood as people who live traveling (Perpetual Tourists).

However, constantly traveling DOES NOT imply that they have relocated their tax residence, opened businesses abroad, or implemented strategies to reduce their taxes (Tax Nomadism).

In fact, the vast majority of Tax Nomads who relocate do so for medium to long-term stays, rather than constantly changing residences.

Nevertheless, there are options for all profiles, businesses, and personal preferences.

Not only is it legal… it’s a fundamental right!

True Tax Nomads operate strictly within the framework of the law.

Never engaging in crimes or legal fraud, known as “tax evasion.”

The goal of a Tax Nomad is not to “skirt the laws”; the goal is to clearly and directly turn their back on countries that mistreat them and benefit from those that welcome them with open arms.

🚩 To achieve this, it’s crucial to have personalized, step-by-step guidance to ensure compliance with all legal regulations.

Changing residency is the most significant lever a Tax Nomad can activate.

Without changing residency, options are reduced by 90% (especially if your original residency is a fiscal nightmare).

However, in some cases, it’s possible to reduce tax burdens and/or enhance asset protection and privacy without relocating residency.

  • Tax optimization

  • Asset protection

  • International Plan B

  • Investment opportunities

The internet, ease of transportation, and widespread use of English have given us the power of choice, standing up to states that abuse their power.

Contact us

You can send us your situation through this form or WhatsApp.

For us to successfully assist you, it’s important to define your situation and objectives clearly.

Key aspects we need to know may include:

  • Nationality, residence, tax residency.
  • Marital status and number of dependents.
  • Investments and assets (e.g., crypto, stocks, real estate).
  • Type/amount of income and how it’s earned.
  • Business model, operational method, legal form, structure, etc.
  • Geographic flexibility.
  • Future plans, goals, and personal preferences.

A new paradigm

We know that international taxation and tax nomadism are complex yet unfamiliar subjects.

To help you discover and understand all the opportunities of this new paradigm, we are creating a wealth of free content on our social media channels.

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logotipo nómadas fiscales