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Here begins your tax freedom

Legal Solution

Guiding you according to the law so you can decide and act safely.

Customized Solution

Unbiased and transparent. We find your solution, not push ours.

Transparent Solution

Providing you with 360-degree information so you can decide consciously.

Simplified Solution

We speak your language to make the complex simple, instead of overwhelming you.

You’re in the right place to…

Reduce your taxes legally

Incorporate and operate offshore companies

Protect and diversify your wealth

Avoid tax authority persecution and penalties

Tax and Estate Planning Company Registration Immigration and Citizenship Compliance
Online consultancy
Companies, Holdings, and Trusts
Migration Records
Written Memorandum
Business Structuring
Visas and permits
Transfer Pricing
Customized Follow-up
Management and administration
Second Passports
Exemptions and applications

Services and pricing


30-minute video call without prior study
  • 30-minute video call
  • Call recording permitted
  • Professional advice
  • Doubt resolution
  • Access to trusted local partners
  • Preliminary Case Study and Planning
  • Written report

Advanced Planning

Study, Tax Planning, and 60-Minute Video Call
  • Form and Case Study
  • Strategic Planning
  • Doubt resolution
  • 60-minute video call
  • Call recording permitted
  • Access to trusted local partners
  • Written report


Written Reports for Corporate Structures
  • Initial 30-minute video call
  • Strategic Planning
  • PDF or PowerPoint report
  • Follow-up video call
  • Call recording permitted
  • Doubt resolution
  • Access to trusted local partners

Written inquiries

Tax planning and resolving doubts via email
/ hour
  • Support via email
  • Hourly billing
  • Professional advice
  • Doubt resolution
  • Access to trusted local partners

Corporate / Migratory

Company incorporation, management, and immigration
  • 100% legal structures
  • Customized budgets
  • Best quality-price without hidden costs
  • Professional follow-up available
  • Service via trusted local partners


Our methodology consists of 3 phases with various services:

The planning phase involves determining the best strategies through consultancy services and written reports provided by our team of tax advisors.

Once the roadmap is designed, we move into the implementation phase, which includes company registration, opening bank accounts, handling immigration processes, etc.

Lastly, the monitoring phase includes support services and resolution of queries by our advisors, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Contact us

You can send us your situation through this form or WhatsApp.

For us to successfully assist you, it’s important to define your situation and objectives clearly.

Key aspects we need to know may include:

  • Nationality, residence, tax residency.
  • Marital status and number of dependents.
  • Investments and assets (e.g., crypto, stocks, real estate).
  • Type/amount of income and how it’s earned.
  • Business model, operational method, legal form, structure, etc.
  • Geographic flexibility.
  • Future plans, goals, and personal preferences.

Of course. At Tax Nomads, we only advise and implement strategies and planning that are 100% legal.

If you are looking to pay less taxes by committing an illegality, you don’t need the advice of a professional. It’s as simple as implementing fraudulent strategies or not paying taxes and assuming the risks.

Therefore, all our clients receive comprehensive information on how to act in accordance with the law and what the boundaries are in each matter.

Tax Nomads is not responsible for clients who decide not to follow legal guidance.

Due to the nature of our services, we do not have a standard fee.

The budget varies depending on the services required in each case: consultancy, memoranda, company incorporation, immigration procedures, etc.

When you contact us, you will receive comprehensive information tailored to your specific situation.

Consulting and planning services are not mandatory. If you already have your roadmap clear, we can assist you in getting started right away.

However, based on our experience, we strongly recommend not taking steps that have not been previously supervised by at least another professional.

All our services are online.

We work through various channels (phone, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom, email, etc.) depending on the type of service and client preference.

As a company or self-employed individual, you can request an invoice from us and deduct the entirety of our planning services as “internationalization consulting.

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logotipo nómadas fiscales